Accessing/Editing javascript actions leads to BTT crash

In the latest BTT version, I cannot edit any javascript actions. When I create a keyboard shortcut to trigger a javascript, I can paste and save the javascript fine, but then
(1) The pasted script disappears from the edit window, even though the script is still saved somewhere.
(2) BTT usually crashes and restarts at this moment. After the restart, any effort to click on the JS action will lead to a crash and restart again.

The javascript still works with the keyboard shortcut, but I just cannot access it again to edit it. The only way to edit the JS is to delete the keyboard shortcut and start from scratch again.

I am not sure when this bug started to occur. When I worked on javascript earlier this year, it was working perfectly. I have not created new JS actions lately, until today. The same crash is observed in the latest two BTT updates.

I have a MacBook Pro 2018 model with Touch Bar, on Monterey 12.0.1.

Could you check whether there is a crashlog in the macOS console app under "Crash Reports"?

There are about 20 crash reports from yesterday for process name "BetterTouchTool". The reports are mostly for 3.621. There is only one for 3.622 since I only tried once for the newest version.

Can you send a few of them to me? (