Access Picture-in-Picture modus on YouTube

I have recently found out that you can access the Picture-in-Picture modus on YouTube videos by right-clicking twice on the video. Now I would like to know if it's possible to do this with BTT?

Here is a discussion about it:

There is no solution posted there though.
I have a widget over at my preset AquaTouch, come and check it out!

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Thank you very much. I just downloaded the PiPifier - PiP for nearly every video, and it works how it should. It would be nice though, to add a keyboard shortcut but I can live with it.

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I am VERY interested in figuring out how to make a PiP button that works across all videos and doesn't require any additional apps installed. @yuuiko how does yours work?

We have a discussion (that kinda died) over at that post, so have a look.

I would love to do this too! because right now I’m just emulating mouse clicks for youtube only, you know, move mouse, right click x2, down key a couple times and enter. It works better than the other solutions as of now but it would be great to have a script that can do it for everything without a 3rd Party App.

I’m wondering how PiPifier does it...

Continue the discussion at the widget dev thread~

I’m sure your deeper knowledge about HTML will help!!