Ability to completely hide the menubar and dock

Hello, I am a licensed user of your program and after a long time of use I want to offer a useful feature that I did not find in other products. I need the menubar and dock to always be hidden on additional screens and not appear when touching the sides of the screen with the cursor. For the main screen, the menubar is necessary and the macos has such a setting, however, for additional screens, the menu constantly appears when you accidentally move the mouse and this is incredibly annoying and slows down the work. Or in RDP, to close the window, quickly move the cursor to the upper right corner to click on the cross and a menubar pops up instead.
How it should ideally look like is already implemented in Parallels Desktop: Parallels Desktop Help - Full Screen Settings - "Optimize full screen for games" prevents the menubar and dock from appearing at all when the virtual machine is in full screen mode. I have RDP and other programs on other screens (desktops, not monitors), where the menubar and dock only interfere with work. Please consider adding such a feature, it will be incredibly useful. Thank you.