A way to trigger an action based on how long an app has been inactive


Is there any way to make BTT trigger an action with condition being that I haven't activated a certain app's window for a given time?

What I want is this. I run Windows through Parallels, it does consume a lot of resources even when idle, and the way automatic suspension works in Parallels is that it would only trigger if no windows in Windows are even open. My pattern of using Windows is rather aleatoric, I never know if I will come back in a second, or let it idle for hours. So I would like to set up a BTT condition that, when Parallels is idle for, say, five minutes, it would send a 'suspend' command to Parallels. I know how to do the latter, but the former is a mystery ((

Any idea if such a trigger can be set up with BTT?

Thanks so much!