A way to find a named trigger


First I would like to say I'm new to the mac ecosystem. I found BetterTouchTool and I'm loving it. Thank you for this great tool.

One thing that I've come find lacking is that when you're calling a named trigger, I wish there was a way to open the named trigger directly from where it's called to edit/view it.
This can be done either by having a global search for triggers or having a "Go to Declaration" next to where the named trigger is set to be called.
This is useful for numerous reasons:

  1. A lot of times I only copy a part of preset I find online. The copied part of the presets may have some named triggers that needs to be included too. There is no way to find this in big presets such as Aqua. I have to guess and search to find it.
  2. Easier navigation when editing and viewing presets.
  3. ....

Thank you.