A way to completely disable BTT mouse driver so that other drivers can take over without conflict

I'd like to request the ability to completely disable the mouse modules of BTT so that no conflict is created with different mouse drivers.

I like the extensive features that BTT offers, but it makes little sense for it to take control over normal mice considering it offers nothing for them (the options are 99.9% about the magic mouse).

I have a driver which disables acceleration and BTT seems to override that. I don't see why this should be the case, especially considering many users use logitech/razer mice which have quite useful software and drivers.

A different solution would be to just offer an option to disable mouse/scroll acceleration in BTT, if you would prefer that.

As it is, I have to compromise something that doesn't make sense in order to customize the touchbar, which is what I actually want from BTT.

BTT is not a mouse driver, unfortunately there is nothing to disable if you don't have mouse actions configured in BTT. The problem with the other app might be a general conflict with how BTT works. Which app are you using to disable acceleration?

I'm using Smooze and noticed acceleration came back once I started using BTT. Is there any other app that could remove scrolling acceleration as well as mouse acceleration, which does work well alongside BTT? I definitely want to be able to use all of these at once ^^

edit: I think it worked by disabling speed of the mouse in BTT completely to 0 - thanks!