A rave about how awesome AQT is plus a few Q's

hello folks

been using yuuiko's AquaTouch for MacBook touch bar and i absolutely freaking love it. at first it was kind of confusing but once i got the hang of it, you realize how intuitive it is. the idea of using finger scroll on the touch bar to change volume, screen and keyboard brightness is literally genius. it has saved my life in tons of ways i didnt even think about. hat's off to yuuiko for developing AQT and to golden chaos for inspiring yuuiko. ever since i discovered BTT, im so happy to be using my Touch Bar more and the extra money i paid for it makes it more worthwhile now.

on a side note, i know that an apple mail feature for the AQT hasn't been released yet. i wonder if anyone knows if its going to be released sometime soon or if yuuiko is working on one? just curious, because i am excited to see what the features for that would be like.

also does anyone else have an issue where if you start up your laptop after having it shut down, if BTT opens up automatically? it did the first few times for me but i notice that nowadays, when i start up my laptop, BTT doesnt automatically launch at login, although it is set to do so, and i have to manually pull up BTT in order to launch AQT. anyone have this issue and any idea on how to resolve it?