A new Complete Touch Bar UI to replace the Apple's one

I made a BetterTouchTool preset because I am not a fan of the UI Apple made. I think it looks pretty good so I decided to share it with you. Hope you like it!

You can download it there: Download link

I will try to update it as I continue it if you like it!

It is really good, but it consumes enormous energy.

There's an issue I'm having. If there's any specific app controls, holding command makes the global controls go away, which is also probably the most annoyingggg button for this to happen with

I know under "General Touch Bar Settings" there's an option that does just this (only without using command), except its not checked. I'm not sure why this is happening, any ideas on how to stop this? The only thing i can think of is to copy all the global settings except with the command modifier assigned to the copy, but i would like to avoid having to do that

Besides that and some other things i tweaked/swapped out or added, i really love this preset. Very simple, gives all the info that is needed with no clutter

I love it but I can't close iTunes. Can you fix it? Thanks

Hi, i have an issue.
Well, my iTunes keeps restarting. I can't close it and even can't restart my Mac.
What I need to do?

Same for me, Spotify and iTunes keep on restarting after being closed

I believe it is because the of the tell application "iTunes" ... which should be enclosed in if application "iTunes" is running then:

if application "iTunes" is running then
	tell application "iTunes"
		return (get player state)
	end tell
end if

instead of just

tell application "iTunes"
    return (get player state)
end tell

Actually, even when the script is wrapper in if application "iTunes" is running then the app might reopen itself if the script runs too often. A workaround seems to be to run the script only every >1 seconds instead of 0.5

@cfstcyr are you still maintaining this preset?