A faux dock with go to folders and drag and drop capability

So I don’t use my dock to launch apps. No surprise there; I’m sure most of us use something like Raycast or Alfred. But I do keep some custom folders in my dock that I use all the time. It bugs me to no end to have running apps cluttering up my dock when I only use my folders.

I have been looking for literal years trying to find a replacement dock for this use case. I’ve found many solutions that look like they’re going to work but most are missing two key features:

  1. The ability to drag and drop into and out of the folders
  2. The ability to drill down into subfolders without launching finder.

I think I’ve probably tried every option out there. It wasn’t until building a floating menu for my notch today that it occurred to me that I may be able to use BTT for yet more untapped potential and solve this persistent annoyance with a floating menu.

Now I know this is going to be one complex-ass mamajama. But the keys are folders (that obvious use my custom folder icons cause that’s the whole point) that don’t launch finder but instead a pop out with the files and folders in it. A pop out that refreshes as you drill down into subfolders and that you can drag files and folders out of. And of course the ability to drag onto the root folder icons to drop contents into them. Basically exactly how folders in the native dock work but without all the annoying apps on it.

I have no problem putting in the work to solve this problem, I just want to confirm that it’s possible. The main thing I’m worried wont be possible is the drag out functionality and the unlimited drill down.

So, is it possible? Any tips to save me som headaches down the road?

PS- yes I am FULLY aware the easiest solution would be to hide apps that are running on my native dock. Unfortunately, in the years of trying to solve this, I’ve come to believe this simply is not possible outside of cdock which requires disabling your SIP

Yes that could be a good widget for floating menus. It's not trivial though, I'd need to add some sort of file browser view. I'll think about it!

So as it stands ootb would I run into a roadblock trying to build this or is it literally impossible?

Right now I'd say it's not possible - but maybe it is easy to add. I'll have a look.

You rock dude. I’m gonna start tinkering with it and get the look right at least. If you want any help with the grunt work or testing just let me know.

I’m a graphic designer btw and I know you’ve got a few guys you’ve always used but if you ever need anything feel free to let me know. You’re a good guy and seem to really want to help people solve their problems—including me lol. I’d be more than happy to repay that with some design work free of charge.

Which style are you using for your Dock folders currently?

Grid all the way 100%