A dummy version of BTT - for testing and collating purposes

I'd really love the option to bring in all the presets of different users that I've found have little snippets I'd love to use, and then be able to collate them into my own BTT. Without it actually changing my BTT until I hit confirm or something similar.

I'm also open to just hearing how other people manage this sort of thing?

Yes I agree completely - perhaps the solution could be having saveable profiles with all settings, so one could have a testing profile but quickly switch back to one’s own main profile(s).

that's exactly what presets are for or didn't I understand correctly?

Every imported preset can be enabled /disabled or deleted at any time

Oh right of course! I've just always found it hard to move settings between presets

The easiest way to move between presets is to just leave your personal preset as master, then cmd+c and cmd+v from the other preset (it will be copied from the other preset and inserted into your new preset).

It's also possible to have multiple presets enabled at a time.

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