4 Finger TipTap Right triggers even though I don't have a 4 Finger TipTap Right set up

I'm using the current version of BetterTouchTool (with the new UI) on a late 2014 Mac Mini running Mac OS 10.14.5 with a 1st gen Magic Trackpad.

4 Finger TipTap Left is being triggered if I do a 4 Finger TipTap Right.

To be clear: I have the 4 finger TipTap Left set up to trigger Magnify. I don't have any other trackpad gestures set up to tripper Magnify, and I don't have 4 finger TipTap Right set up at all, but for some strange reason, 4 finger TipTap Right is triggering Magnify.

Any idea what's causing this?

Maybe make it show a HUD Overlay to see whether it's somehow triggering the 4 finger tiptap left:

Otherwise, maybe you have set that 4 finger tiptap right for a specific app? (Left side-bar)

Good idea! I just did that. I added a HUD overlay for my 4 finger TipTap left. I named it "4 Finger TipTap Left"

I did a 4 finger TipTap left and the overlay popped up: "4 Finger TipTap Left"


I did a 4 finger TipTap right, and again, the overlay popped up: "4 Finger TipTap Left"

...not good.

I wonder what's causing this.

For the record: I've restarted my Mac, and I've restarted BetterTouchTool.

I can't seem to reproduce this here, possibly try to add a 4 finger tap right and assign no action.

You can also send an export of your preset to andreas@folivora.ai, then I'll have a look!