4.229 (2450) repeatedly updates, thinks it's alpha

I updated BTT to 4.229 (2450) and if I check again updates again with the same version. Also the release notes refers to it as an alpha, but I'm only checking for 'regular' updates.

Are you sure you don't have alpha updates enabled?

Quite sure. But it seems toga e stopped now. Not sure what happened there.

Hm. No it hasn't stopped, after all.
The BTT I have installed reports that it is version 4.234 (2455).
If I check for an update it says there is an update 4.234 (2456).

Yet updating downloads the version 4.234 (2455) again.
Ad nauseam:

Edit: bit.ly link didn't work, will try this one:

And I haven't got the alpha updates option checked:

OK, so I download version 4.258 to manually overwrite with "the latest version" and it still loops for a non-existent update!

What's the problem here?