3F swipe + Cmd event "bubbles up" and triggers 3F system swipe

I like system 3F Up/Down swipes performance better than BTT's AppExpose/MissionControl actions. So I left those on system level enabled.

At the same time I created "3F Up/Down + Cmd" gestures in BTT and mapped them to Window Maximize/Minimize actions correspondingly.

Now, when I hold Cmd and do 3F SwipeUp I can see a blend of 2 actions:

  • System's reaction which is "Mission Control"
  • Once I select the window that previously had focus -- it is maximized, so BTT action worked.

By analogy Cmd + 3F down gesture first triggers system response which is AppExpose and then BTT action which is Window Minimize (in my case "back to normal").

Question: Would it be possible to configure BTT so it doesn't trigger System's 3F action when it recognizes Cmd key pressed before reacting on 3F swipe?

This is not possible, sorry!