2 questions about custom context menu with named triggers

Hello @Andreas_Hegenberg

concerning the custom context menu with named triggers

If I press on the first letter of a named trigger in the menu displayed, that named trigger is highlighted, but I have to press Enter to trigger the action (as long as the first letter of the title is unique)
Is there anything that I can do so that pressing on the first letter of a menu item triggers it automatically ?

I very much like named triggers.
I have a many “trackpad” triggers already in use, which I want to now convert to and use as Named Triggers.
Inow have to create a multitude of new named triggers (which is OK), and also re-copy all the assigned actions for each trigger in the Trackpad Settings which will be very tedious.
Could you suggest some way to transfer or copy paste those trackpad actions to newly created Named Triggers.

Danke Andreas

1.) I think this is not possible, BTT is using standard system context menus here and their behavior can not really be changed ;-(

2.) Unfortunately there is no good way for this at the moment. However you don't necessarily need to convert all your existing triggers.
If you for example want to include actions you have configured for a trackpad gesture in the custom context menu, you can reference it by the UUID of the trackpad gesture.

Like this:

(the name you enter right after the UUID will be shown in the context menu).

To retrieve the UUID for a specific gesture / trigger, right click it and select "Copy UUID"