2 finger swipe left/right out over edge (off of the trackpad) possible to add?


would it be possible to add swipe gestures as triggers where the 2 fingers for example move out over the edge of the trackpad?
Similar to the macOS native gesture to show the notifications area with a 2 finger swipe from the right starting (on Macbooks) off of the trackpad on the palm rest—just in reverse leading out.

Use case:
I would like to keep the notifications toggle gesture on the right, but also would love to toggle a note or todo app with the same gesture triggered by swiping in from the left. And hide with with a two finger swipe out.

The caveat: The notificaion area overlay can be dismissed with a simple two finger swipe right gesture, which would be in conflict with Things or Fantastical, which already use a two finger swipe right/left to hide/show the sidebar.
Swiping out off of the the trackpad would be an alternative.

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile: