2 and 3 finger tip taps and swipes don't work at all

1 finger tip taps work fine, two finger taps, three finger regular taps work fine, 4 finger taps, basically any trigger except 2 fix and 3 fix finger tip taps or swipes.

they don't register at all, it's either a bug or something in my system is blocking them but I don't know what, I already went into system preferences trackpads and nothing seems to conflict, played with alot of trackpad settings in btt, couldn't get a single trigger to work, weird, would like to troubleshoot it.

any help appreciated thanks.

version 3.401 (1631)
macbook air mid 2012
catalina 10.15.6

What kind of actions do you have assigned?

hi thanks for response, I tried just simple actions for global all apps to test, mute audio, display sleep, command space to show spotlight, nothing I do picks them up.

is there some debug or log I can show or maybe I can export my settings and do reinstall or reset all settings?

Do you maybe have three finger dragging enabled on your system?

(logs exist but they don’t cover specific things like this)

didn't even know that was hidden in accesibility but no, it was disabled, only thing in there with a check mark is spring-loading delay, and scrolling with inertia.

would complete uninstall reinstall be worth a try?

edit: I logged into a guest account to try, which was pretty bare bones and clean.

I tried to run btt, it made me update, so I did and downloaded a clean better touch tool, and 2 fix gesture worked, so something in my user account? is screwing it up.

I have so many apps I have no idea what it could be.

from what I read online about trackpad problems, my options are:

complete uninstall and reinstall better touch tool and import my saved preset

reset smc, nvram, pram. (I'm a little scared to reset these and screw something up in my system but I will try if it might fix it).

what should I try? At least I know it's possible and something I can fix, I was going to buy a magic trackpad and that probably still wouldn't have worked :cry:

edit again: I defaulted all settings, and they sort of work, I'll have to mess around a bit

edit again well after uninstalling and reinstalling all of my trackpad gestures work now, I had been pretty liberal messing around in the trackpad settings, what part of them specifically could have caused the 2 and 3 finger fixes and swipes not to work at all vs working fine? I might want to change some things without effecting those if I could.