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v3.5.8a -- AquaTouch -- Supports 40+ Apps, Websites, and the stock Touch Bar UI!

How would you rate this preset? Shoot me a rating out of 5! poll ABOUT Intuitively Functional Minimalism: AquaTouch. AquaTouch is a BetterTouchTool preset that displays dynamic and informative custom ma…

865 June 1, 2020
AQT FAQ: Stuck Youtube Setup and Fix

37 May 29, 2020
AQT FAQ: GameMode Install Issues

it seems like ruby installs are a recurring issue with iStats . Let's discuss a solution here Try this guide: @thomascanndrum @wesbar

7 May 26, 2020
v3.5.8a -- AquaTouch -- Updates and Downloads

Latest Version View & Download Latest Version Join the Hype! AQT Fan? Get notified on my GitHub for more detailed and frequent update news and new upcoming features! I log all I do there, why not help …

15 April 22, 2020
AQT FAQ: Fixing AQT's Bluetooth Widgets

Fixing the Bluetooth Widgets AQT's bluetooth widgets are a little out of date and don't seem to be working properly. Unfortunatley I don't have these devices to test my widgets against so I'll need help to fix these up P…

4 May 18, 2020
AQT FAQ: Power and Battery Consumption

Hey there, I don't quite understand how apple scripts work. For example, there's a bunch of Spotify scripts. I never use the service, is do these scripts executing every second affect my battery? And are they executing …

6 May 18, 2020
AQT FAQ: Redundant Esc Key on 16" MBP

Using a 2016 Mac, I've got a redundant esc key. something to disable the software esc key would be nice.

4 May 18, 2020
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